Theme Replikk 27 – Spirit of the time

SPIRIT OF THE TIME Replikk #27 The theme for the next issue of Replikk is SPIRIT OF THE TIME. Has time its own expression? Is it possible to theme the spirit of the time? And how is our understanding of a specific time epoch defined? Spirit of the time is a concept in which time is described through what seems to be the cultural or/and intellectual perspectives that are dominant in a specific time epoch or tradition. Spirit of the time as a theme presents questions regarding what our ‘contemporary’ is, and how our understanding of a time comes to be. The expression of the time is a phenomena hard to grasp in its contemporaneity and is often defined (and redefined) when time has passed. Is it possible to say anything about the spirit of the time that exists now without having a temporal distance to it? What is our spirit of the time now? By looking at our contemporary way of understanding, in which the time of the great narrative is passed, we are asking the question: is it still possible to work with the concept of a spirit of the time? In the next issue of Replikk we wish to challenge the leading opinions of certain historical understandings of time. We would like texts that present what is happening in different time epochs in art and culture, and at the same time we wish to create a debate surrounding what constitutes our own time. Replikk will accept all genres: articles, essays, translations, interviews, short texts, poetry, photography etc. All submitted material will receive considerable written feedback from our editors. Submissions that are chosen to be published will receive concrete suggestions concerning the content and form of the text. We are especially hoping to put forth young writers, but we would also like to print texts of established writers. In addition to articles and essays Replikk also prints art in various genres such as literature, photos, drawings etc. Deadline: February 15th, 2009 Replikk is run by students from the faculty of social siences and the faculty of humanities at the University in Bergen, and Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Replikk is an independent and non-commercial journal that produces two issues per annum. Each release is celebrated with a public release party in Bergen. For further description of our guidelines for texts please check out our web site at

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